The 8 Day Challenge:

Are you ready?

What is the 8 Day Challenge?

The 8 Day Challenge is way to challenge yourself to meditate every day for 8 days. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in this challenge on their own.

We’ve had a huge response from this, and we’re now working on a new 8 Day Challenge with daily reminders, videos and guided mindfulness, all within your smartphone.

Why do this?

Mindfulness has been shown to help reduce stress, to strengthen the immune system, to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and to help people lead happier and more purposeful lives. It has measurable benefits on learning, memory, concentration, creativity and overall psychological wellbeing. This is no joke, there are thousands of studies that support this.

How do you do this?

First off, are you ready?

If you decide to take part in this challenge, but then miss a day, just get back on track. Ignore unhelpful thoughts about not doing it properly, and refocus.

Be flexible with yourself.

If you’re ready, follow the four steps below.


1. First off, let me know in writing by leaving me a comment below.

2. Make a ritual. Same time, same place every day. Be flexible with it, but make a commitment to yourself. Write this down:

I am committing to the 8 Day Challenge.
I plan to do this at around … (time) every day.
I will practise at … (location).

If you think this could be helpful, you can include this here:

I also commit to being flexible with myself. This includes making changes to this plan if necessary, and getting back on track if I slip up.

3. Choose one of the selected tracks from Mindfulness: The Art of Being Human. If you want a bigger challenge, you could purchase the full app with the longer tracks.

4. Now tell a friend or family member. Science demonstrates that you’re  more likely to commit to a goal if you write it down and, even more so, if you tell someone about it.

Thank you for taking part in this! Share your commitment and your thoughts in the comments below.