micro course and story in one


Do something fun and different with your little one tonight…

… and sow the seeds of resilience within them for when they need it…


What is this?

It’s a course for kids that you explore together

Just 9 minutes a day of audio only

An incredible story and micro course combined to help them learn about their thoughts and feelings


Kids need essential life skills to be able to…

…unhook from unhelpful thoughts…

…overcome unnecessary fears…

and how to get out of their minds and into their lives – READY for when they grow up.


Each day the course has…

…one chapter from the story

…one learning insight about thoughts and feelings

…and questions for you both to ask each other.




Here’s what you’ll do

Press play, relax and watch your little one’s curiosity grow!

Chapter 1 – The Little Voice Inside Your Tummy

The story starts in your bedroom, with toys piled right up to the ceiling. There’s no room to play. Then you sense a little voice inside your tummy. It says it’s your special friend and it will always have good messages for you. So, you decide to go on an adventure with this new special friend.

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome which is about awareness of our intuition and how it serves us.

Chapter 2 – The Mist Around Their Heads

On your adventure you notice a group of five people with a thick layer of mist around their heads. One talking about that it’s bad to feel curious. Another talking about a monster in the mist and that the other island is scary. Why do they all look so scared?

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome which is about being caught up in unhelpful thoughts that can narrow our opportunities.

Chapter 3 – The ROARR! of The Monster

You hear a big ROARR! Your friend Polly is terrified and runs away. The mist around her head looked just like the mist that was around the heads of the previous five people that you have seen before.

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome which continues upon the theme of intuition, including how this can be helpful for us.

Chapter 4 – Stay and Breathe

Despite the roars coming from the mist, you choose to use your canoe to paddle out into and through the mist to get to the other forbidden island.

Before you do, one of the white, fluffy clouds in the sky becomes big, grey and grumpy.

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome around staying centred for when things around you get scary.

Chapter 5 – The Grumpy Cloud and The Monster

The big, grey, grumpy cloud wraps itself around your head and then you come face to face with the monster in the mist. The monster believes that nothing will save you.

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome of how unhelpful thoughts can take over us and then how we can’t experience what is really going on around us.

Chapter 6 – The Monster Thought Takes Over

The monster continues to dominate you with its scary thoughts. Meanwhile both the little voice inside your tummy and the big, grey, grumpy cloud have a solution for you.

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome of how breathing could help us in future moments for when our thoughts take over.

Chapter 7 – Confronting the Monster

You decide to take control of your life. When you do, everything changes. The first thing to change is the big, grey, grumpy cloud that is wrapped around your head.

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome of how unhelpful thoughts are never actually on the outside, just always on the inside in our minds, and how even so this is perfectly normal.

Chapter 8 – The Five Senses

That grey, grumpy cloud with ‘monster’ written upon it had changed because of a special technique that you use. Now that it’s not around your head, it seems that it’s trying desperately hard to talk to you about something.

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome of how thoughts can be broken down into two simple categories. This helps us for when we need to unhook.

Chapter 9 – Confronting the Big, Grey, Grumpy Cloud

You befriend the big, grey, grumpy cloud who takes your advice and uses your special technique. Then you gain insight into why the people on your island have mist around their heads.

After this chapter we explore the learning outcome of how important the five senses are, not only for being more focused in the now, but also for when unhelpful thoughts appear.

Chapter 10 – A New World

You make it through the mist and get to the other island. You find out what that huge roar sound is and where it comes from. All your insights from this adventure come together. From here it’s up to you as to how you go about your mission in helping others to be part of the positive change, and in turn, creating a new world for everybody.



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